Pool Glasses or Contact Lenses?

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether a player should wear custom made pool glasses or contact lenses.

snooker confused1

As a general rule if a person wears contact lenses for most of their day then I would recommend that they also wear contact lenses for pool. If a person wears glasses to correct their distance vision for driving and television, then I would also suggest glasses for pool.

The type of optical correction you use has an impact on the amount of magnification you perceive. Glasses affect the size of the image you sense more than contact lenses do and it can be confusing for the brain to keep switching between the two. If your brain is accustomed to glasses, then pool glasses will be a simple transition.

If you don’t currently wear glasses for distance vision, but feel that you need some help with the clarity of the balls on the snooker table, then pool glasses are a great first step – just be mindful that if this is your first experience of glasses it can take a few sessions to get used to playing in snooker glasses.

If you have an excessively high prescription the lenses in pool glasses can become a little heavy and in these cases contact lenses can be a more suitable choice.

If you work or play in an air-conditioned environment, contact lenses can be prone to drying out which makes them uncomfortable to wear.