Welcome to Poolspex.com

If you are looking for glasses to shoot 
pool or snooker, you have come to the 
right place.

Have your eyeglass prescription ready!

We supply glasses to Pool, Snooker and 
Billiard players all over the world and 
have been doing so for over 10 years.

Unlike most suppliers who just supply 
out of the box designs, our PoolSpex 
are optimized to suit the individual 
player. Lots of factors are taken into 
account when making your PoolSpex
including your actual sport preference, 
your age, your height and your cueing 

If you would like any further 
information email us!
Our glasses are bespoke and are individually designed for each player. I will take into consideration your stance, head position and many other aspects when designing the perfect pair of pool glasses for you.